Our hostel

Basque Boutique has been possible thanks to the effort, passion and experience of people compromised to make your stay wonderful. We want you to have a different experience feeling the basque essence as if you were in your own house.

Every room is unique, all of them decorated with handmade furniture and representing places, symbols and sculptures of our country.

At the same time you will have the chance to enjoy the experience in the heart of the old Town of Bilbao, from where you can explore walking the whole city.

You will also find close to the hostel the train station, tramway and metro stops.

BasqueBoutique is an establishment made with love at the same time of been modern and comfortable. We offer free wifi, air conditional, private toilet and showers in rooms.

Come to Basque Boutique and feel the basque essence!

This is how it works. Step by step

1. Book and pay room at www.basqueboutique.es.
2. Recive your key code in your confirmation by email and sms/text.
3. Do not compromise with the arrival time.

Basque Boutique