La Baldosa de Bilbao

The Bilbao pavement tile is much more than a simple cement tile. It is one of the icons of the city. It was designed in the 1920's in order to fulfill the needs of wet climateslike Bilbao's. The flower shaped lines are designed to drain water away, making walking safer for pedestrians.

This symbol of the city is colored in "Bilbao blue". It is an evocation of the colors of nature, the course of a river, the move of the water, Bilbao sky after a rainy day,...and the name of the traditional garments of the inhabitants of Bilbao.

More contemporary art samples of Bilbao can be found in:

  • The bedside tables: the giant spider called "Mamá" and located in the outdoors of the Guggenheim Museum. Her creator, the French Louise Bourgeois died in June 2010.
  • The clothes hanger, represents "The Armony" of Koldo Miranda.
  • The chairs, located in the outdoors of La Alhondiga. Find them...

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