The caserío, also known as baserri in Basque, is a traditional type of house in the Basque Country and Navarre. They are isolated houses that usually have several storeys.

The ground floor was used as barn and stables, and the rest was used as family dwelling. The caserío used to be surrounded of wide expanses of land as back in a day it was self-sufficient. It was common that the women were responsible of the administration of the caserio, originating what is known as "basque matriarchy". As the caseríos were family properties, the name of the caserío was often related to the family name. That's the reason why so many basque surnames include the word etxe, which means house in Basque.

In this room you will enjoy the traditional Basque furniture (table and chairs), the farming tools that were used to work the fields (clothes hanger) and the traditional milk pots (bedside tables).